Welcome Creative Sewers!    

"Frustration begins when Knowledge ends": this is a quote that I recently heard that describes the person that wants to learn to sew. I know this is true, because I've been there.

Let me share my knowledge with you in some very unique classes. I will teach you not only techniques for sewing, but also the concepts of construction and fitting, and all about different fabrics and their care.   


The PSI Program

Progressive Sewing Instruction

"Progressive" means you learn something new with each garment you sew, whether it's about the fabrics you use, the patterns you use, or the fit that comes with the techniques that are taught. Then, that garment becomes the base for the next one. With time and patience, you can achieve perfection.

*The Level I Classes:

We will be making your "Base" wardrobe pieces. There will be 5 garments in this level.

*The Level II Classes:

We will be making your "Layering" wardrobe pieces. This lets students take classes that will have more sewing and pattern techniques incorporated into them. Five more garments are completed.

*The Level III Classes:

We will be making your "Creative" pieces now. This level has more sewing projects that start you to think outside of the box and create some new designs. You will be sewing 5 more garments.

*The Master Level Classes:

Now you are able to start your "Designing" process. Students are going to learn more about "what" a pattern is really giving you. Class #401 is Fitting the Custom Bodice Sloper, a very detailed and challenging process, but will answer many questions you have about your body and WHY patterns don't fit you. You will be using my unique concept that I have taught to many students and combines Pattern Drafting techniques with Flat Pattern Measuring techniques to make your sloper and your Master Pattern. It will be the basis for the designing classes that are in this course so you can start creating your own styles of garments. You will also get designing techniques which will send your creative ideas into the clouds. Let's make 2 more garments in this course for your wardrobe and the Bonus class is Your Little Black Dress completely designed from your finished Bodice Sloper Master Pattern.

Fitting and Understanding Patterns!

Everyone I meet has the same complaint. That is, that patterns don't fit them. But, when you understand how the patterns are developed from the pattern makers, and how you can change them to fit you, you will have an easier time working with them. So, let me help you with that! --- From the beginning of your sewing experience!!  

My GOAL is to empower you with knowledge and inspire you with the possibilities. I've seen a lot of bodies in my sewing career as a custom dressmaker for over 40 years. And, I LOVE to study patterns! I will share with you all my experience and expertise as we go through the different levels of classes. Sewing is a SKILL, and it takes a lot of practice to get good at it, just like anything else. But, it will be so much easier when you have the knowledge.

* For example, did you know a size 14 in sewing patterns represents 14 inches across the front chest. But, a size 12 is not 12 inches across the front chest. So, if you don't measure in the right place, and don't know the rules, it won't help.

* Also, did you know that all sewing patterns have a B Cup dart designed into each drafted style. But, what if you aren't a B Cup? In my classes, you will learn what to do to change the pattern to fit your bust size even if there's no longer a dart printed on the pattern!

* Each Course Level helps you learn the SKILL and CRAFT of sewing. You need to see, touch, and sew a lot of garments to learn how to handle different fabrics and make them into something special. In each class, I teach you about the fabric that I'm using for that project, and it's characteristics and care.

* I will also be teaching you how to do the finishing techniques that a professional would use if you were making something for a client. The finishing work is everything to a client. It needs to look better than a Ready-to-Wear garment.

* Let's Create a Core Wardrobe at the same time with garments that go together. It just takes a little planning, and I'll help you with a few concepts for that.

* This program is a similar process to someone that wants to build a house. You just can't start building without knowing where to start and have plenty of experience to do it. You'll need a plan. And, I'm going to be the "architect" of your clothing!

* This program is for students wanting to learn to sew from the very beginning or to advance their sewing experience with new challenges, and learn some fun pattern and fitting techniques.

* A comprehensive set of classes has been designed to help you learn and create, at the same time. Online videos take you step by step through the entire process of completing a garment. No shortcuts, but you can fast-forward through places that you might not need to see at regular speed. Or, you can repeat a segment to watch again to help you to understand a difficult step.

* You're able to ask questions, and I will guide you through the best possible experience of your sewing journey.

* I'm here to help solve your sewing problems!

So, let's take your ideas to the next level! And, learn how to change the patterns to design fabulous new styles. There's something so satisfying to see a smile on someones' face and have them say, "Look what I Made" !

So, let's get sewing!

Check out my sewing blog: YourSewingMentor.Wordpress.com for more tips and information.

(Please note: classes are in production and will be available soon. Send me an email to be notified when they are posted).