Creative Sewing Workshops

Let's Get Creative with Classes for Anyone ! 

LEVEL I  Classes:  Your "Base" Garments

The #100 Series is where you are going to build your "Base" garments for your Wardrobe Plan.  It is the first level for sewing garments of the PSI Program and will start with a versatile knit skirt and add 3 more garments--very simple pull-over woven top,  pull-on pants, and an easy knit top.  The  Bonus Class is a skirt "hack" to create a new style for using woven fabric when you have a knit pattern, and learn more techniques including sewing a zipper.  You will have completed 5 garments when you are finished with this Level I Course.

* You will need to purchase these patterns to be used for this series of classes.  The McCalls patterns are also available as "Printable" patterns directly from the pattern company. 

           McCall's #6654   Pull-on Knit Skirt

           New Look #6273  Simple, Woven Pull-over Top

           New Look #6351  Pull-on Pants 

           McCall's #6964   Knit Top

           BONUS Class:  no additional pattern required since we will do a pattern hack on the skirt pattern from Class #101                         for a fun, new style with pockets and a zipper for woven fabrics.

You can order these patterns directly from the pattern companies websites listed from Butterick/McCall's HERE.  

The New Look #6273 and #6351 are available from the Simplicity/New Look Pattern company HERE or as a Printable pattern on their website order form.  Most of their patterns have sizes 10-22 included in each pattern.

* Classes are designed for the beginning student or someone that would just like to learn some basic sewing. 

* Learn to do things that are different from the guide sheet in the pattern envelope.  It's called a "guide" sheet for a reason. It's just giving you the basics as a guide to follow.  

* Learn easy seam finishes and other details to make your garment look the nicest and last the longest. 

* These classes have patterns that have been selected to provide  you with easy garments to make, and in an order that helps to develop your skills as you progress and each project is completed.

* A good start for your wardrobe:  2 skirts, a top, and a pair of pants.   

Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts put their main patterns, McCall's, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue, and many fabrics on sale every month.  New Look patterns are $3.99 purchased at JoAnn's.  So, take advantage of that savings when you are just learning.  You can also find patterns and unusual fabric on Etsy from resellers if you don't have access to the other places, or you can order directly from the pattern companies.

A list of the fabrics and notions needed for each project will be provided at registration for the class.

#101  Basic Knit Skirt:  McCall's #6654

Online Class Fee:  $9.99

* This skirt is just like one from LulaRoe and is very easy to make and so versatile in your wardrobe.  

* We will be making view F in the class.

* Two alternative waistbands will be discussed to create a yoga-style waistline and one without the casing.

* This is the first piece of your Core Wardrobe.  See the plan HERE.

Sewing Techniques:  Choosing a size, reading the guide sheet, layout of pattern, cutting, marking, sewing with knits, finishing seams, elastic waist alternatives, and pressing.   Check out the Bonus Class below for the Level I Course and see what we do with this pattern for a fun way to use woven fabrics.


Pattern:  McCall's #6654.  Order the  pattern directly from the McCall's website HERE. Also available as a "Printable" pattern from their website order form.  Alternative choices with slight differences are McCall's #6994.

How long to make this garment:  approximately 2-3 hours 



#102  The Simple Woven, Pull-over Top:  New Look #6273

Online Class Fee:  $9.99

* Making View B of this pattern, the top.  

* Easy to sew.

* A basic style to go with so many garments.

* This will be your second piece of the Core Wardrobe Plan.

Sewing Techniques:  reading the guide sheet for a different pattern company, preparing your fabric, layout of the pattern, cutting, sewing a bias tape neckline with alternatives for using self-fabric bias tape, seam finishes for woven fabrics.

Pattern:  New Look #6273 available HERE to order or buy as a "Printable" pattern.

How long to make this garment:  approximately 2-3 hours.

#103  Pull-on Pants:  New Look #6351

Online Class Fee:  $9.99

* Lots of new techniques and another great base piece for your wardrobe.

* Loose-fitting

* Learn to make buttonholes for the drawstring casing 

* Side seam pockets

* Quick "fitting" tips included 

* Classic style pant leg and elastic waist with drawstring

* This is the third piece of your Core Wardrobe.  See the plan HERE.

Sewing Techniques:  choosing a size, reading the instructions, layout of the pattern, cutting, marking, sewing with woven fabrics and finishing seam allowances.  How to add extra in the seam allowances to help with fitting the pants.

Pattern:  New Look #6351.  Order this pattern directly from the Simplicity/New Look website HERE.

How long to make this garment:   approximately 3-4 hours 

#104  Basic Knit Top:  McCall's #6964

Online Class Fee:  $9.99

* A versatile top to have in your wardrobe, again just like the ones from LulaRoe.

* A Palmer/Pletsch pattern and has very easy instructions that we will follow. 

* We will be making view C.  It's an easier neckline to sew than the the V-neck opening of Views A and B. 

* When  you choose a knit, you will need to use a stable knit until you are able to handle other kinds.  Check the "Guide to Sewing with Knits" which is a downloadable PDF available above.

* This is the fourth piece of your Core Wardrobe.  See the plan HERE.

Sewing Techniques:  Choosing a size, reading the guide sheet, layout of pattern, cutting, marking, sewing with knits, how to set in sleeves, finishing seams, hemming, and pressing.  This pattern has  lines already printed on the front for bust cups adjustments, so we will cover what those mean.

Pattern: McCall's #6964. Order this pattern from the McCall's website  HERE.  The "Printable" pattern is also available there.  

An alternative pattern with slight differences is McCall's #7322.

How long to make this garment:  approximately 2-3 hours 

Level I   BONUS CLASS:   Skirt Hack--Make that Knit Pattern work for Wovens-- Add a Waistband, Side Seam Pockets and a Zipper 

Online Class Fee  $9.99  

OR  FREE when you purchase all 4 of the Level I Classes  #101-#104

* Now we get to start our journey of playing with our patterns and make a new skirt from the original pattern.

* We are going to take the skirt from McCall's #6654, class #101, and design a new style to add a waistband and side seam pockets.

* We will add a zipper and a center back seam that wasn't there before.

* You will want to make so many of these!

* This skirt will give you a 2-piece dress usage with the woven top from Class #102.

* This will be the fifth piece of your Core Wardrobe.  See the plan HERE.

Sewing Techniques:  Changing patterns, how to determine how much fabric you will need, layout of pattern when you change it, how to insert a zipper, making a waistband,  adding the side seam pockets.

Pattern:  McCall's #6654   from Class #101

How long to make this garment:  approximately 3-4 hours